1-10kg Premium Black Hex Dumbbell Set (10 Pair)

$695.00 $893.50

The brand-new SUMO Strength Black Hex dumbbells are ahead of the game.

Featuring Black Chrome knurled handles, and shock absorbent virgin rubber heads, our dumbbells have been custom made and manufactured for Australian conditions.

Our Hex dumbbells are the most versatile dumbbells out there. Perfect for a home or commercial gym, these dumbbells can be used for your basic body building style training, or for more complex functional movements.

The matte black finish, and etched branding gives these dumbbells a premium look, ensuring they suit any space.

The space saving design of the included dumbbell rack comfortably holds all 10 pairs within its sleek 580 x 460mm footprint.

This Premium Black Hex Dumbbell set includes:

  • 1 x Premium Dumbbell rack
  • 2 x 1kg Black Hex dumbbells
  • 2 x 2kg Black Hex dumbbells
  • 2 x 3kg Black Hex dumbbells
  • 2 x 4kg Black Hex dumbbells
  • 2 x 5kg Black Hex dumbbells
  • 2 x 6kg Black Hex dumbbells
  • 2 x 7kg Black Hex dumbbells
  • 2 x 8kg Black Hex dumbbells
  • 2 x 9kg Black Hex dumbbells
  • 2 x 10kg Black Hex dumbbells

Dimensions: Dumbbell Rack


H1580 x W460 x D580mm

Sleeve diameter

W460 x D580mm


Shipping Australia wide. Take your training to the next level, today!