2x32kg Adjustable Dumbbell Set + Stand

$799.00 $849.00

 Our Adjustable dumbbells are the perfect addition to a gym with limited space. With nine different weights available in one compact apparatus, the adjustable dumbbells allow for a wide variety of exercises to be performed.


This 2 x 32kg adjustable dumbbell set comes with its own stand, this ensure for easy access and storage.

The Adjustable Dumbbells with stand include:

  • 1 x Dumbbell stand
  • 2 x Adjustable dumbbells
  • 9 x Weight increments
    • 2kg
    • 4kg
    • 8kg
    • 12kg
    • 16kg
    • 20kg
    • 24kg
    • 28kg
    • 32kg


Overall Dimensions

H680 x W680 x D550mm

Overall Weight



W680 x D550mm

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