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SUMO Strength offer a variety of Rigs & Racks to suit any space and budget. All our Squat racks have been designed and manufactured with Olympic barbell specifications in mind, with ideal width and load capability, our squat racks provide the perfect support system for heavy barbells. From squats and rack pulls to pull ups and dips, our multi-functional squat racks have you covered. For more information on the range of Squat Racks, check out our Squat Racks product guide.




Our Racks are the perfect addition to any home gym or commercial facility. With pull up bars, dip bars and more, all our squat racks and power racks optimise your space with their versatility and variety of uses. All of our rigs & racks come as stand-alone units, or as part of complete squat rack package including an Olympic barbell, collars, and plates. 120kg and 170kg (including barbell) weight packages are available in our Hi-temp, Black, Colour, and Competition bumper plates, as well as our Premium rubber Quad-Grip & Geometric PU weight plates.

Power Squat Rack

The Power Squat Rack is our entry level model and is the perfect rack to build your home gym around. Including J-Hooks, Safety arms, and a pull up bar, this squat rack allows you to perform a variety of strength and bodyweight exercises. Made from heavy duty steel, this squat rack is sturdy yet mobile, making it the perfect addition to a home or commercial gym

Wall Mounted Rack

This space saving rack is ideal for a garage gym. The fold away design allows this rack to be folded back and stored against the wall when not in use. Featuring a squat rack and pull up bar, this compact rack will allow you to perform a variety of barbell and bodyweight exercises.

Barbarian Half power Rack

Our Barbarian Half Squat Rack steps it up a notch. With all the same features as our Power Squat rack and more, this squat rack really does it all. The extra support beams and inbuilt plate storage make this squat rack as sturdy as possible, without the need for permanent fixture. This squat rack allows you to perform just about every movement imaginable within its sleek 1210mm x 1230mm frame. With six storage pegs on the two back support beams, this efficient design allows for everything you need in one location. This all-in-one design would be the perfect addition to any home gym or commercial facility.

Beast Power Rack

The Beast Power squat rack expands even further on our Barbarian half rack. With multiple pull up stations, safety arms and storage pegs, this squat rack covers all bases. From squats and rack pulls to pull ups and dips, this multi-functional squat rack does it all. The six plate storage pegs allow for efficient and tidy storage of weight plates when not in use.

Multifunction Rack & Smith Machine Combo

Multifunction Rack & Smith machine combo is the ultimate in strength and resistance training. Combining a squat rack, Smith machine and Cable row all in one, this heavy-duty machine does it all. With a multi-grip pull up station, dip bar and adjustable step-up platform, you can perform a wide variety of bodyweight movements.