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Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is a simple yet effective way to train the entire body with minimal equipment and loading. SUMO Strength offers a range of equipment to enhance your bodyweight training, allowing you to train effectively in more ways. From suspension straps and gymnastic rings to GHD’s and Back Extensions, we have the equipment to take your training to the next level.

Pull Up Bar

The SUMO Strength Pull Up Bar is an essential bodyweight training tool to help build a strong upper body. The wall mounted design allows for efficient use of space and ensures you do not need to have a complete rig or rack set up. The powder coated finish of our pull up bar ensures you can grip the bar well when performing strict or kipping movements. The 760mm clearance from the wall provides adequate space to perform gymnastic style movements.


Suspensions Straps

With slight adjustments to strap length, body position and grip, you can perform a wide variety of exercises and train just about every muscle in the body effectively. The lightweight design of these straps makes them a prefect exercise accessory for on the go. Keep a pair of straps in your gym bag for a great full body workout anytime, anywhere.



Our Small Parallettes provide excellent stability for handstands, L-Sits, and a variety of gymnastic style movements. Our Large Parallettes allow clearance for dips, L-Sits, and a variety of bodyweight movements. The 38mm handles and matte black powder coating ensure optimal grip for both our small and large Parallettes.


Glute Hamstring Developer (GHD)

A GHD is one of the best machines available to build strength through the entire posterior chain. The SUMO Strength GHD allows you to train the glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and abdominals. With built in pegs, you can add even more resistance.

Back Extension

The SUMO Strength back extension machine allows you to isolate the muscles of the lower back in a controlled way, ensuring you can build strength without the need for heavy loading. Our back extension includes a heel catch to ensure stability. The adjustable height allows for people of all sizes to use this machine.