Weightlifting Platform

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Take your training to the next level with the SUMO Strength Weightlifting Platform.

Perfect for Deadlifts, Snatches and all other ground-based lifts, our platform has been designed with serious training in mind.

The thick 30mm bamboo insert feels smooth under the foot, with enough grip to ensure your feet don’t slide when squatting, but grippy enough that they can move freely when performing the dynamic Olympic lifts.

The 30mm rubber tiles are designed to absorb the weight and noise of barbells being dropped from overhead.

The thick steel frame ensures the platform is held together firmly.

The Weightlifting Platform features:

  • 30mm Bamboo insert
  • 30mm Rubber tiles
  • Steel Frame



H30 x W2425 x D1930mm


W2425 x D1930mm

Bamboo Insert

H30 x W1095 x D1800mm

Shipping Australia wide. Take your training to the next level, today!