Commercial Flat Bench

$276.00 $325.00

Introducing the Sumo Strength Commercial Flat Bench, a commercial-grade bench that is built to handle serious weight.

Built with a heavy-duty base, the Flat bench is made with heavy duty 3mm carbon steel, and has a weight capacity of 550kg, making it suitable for the heaviest of lifters.

On top of the solid frame is an extra thick 310mm back rest, with a straight design, ensuring it is secure as possible yet allows for maximal force production. The pads feature the latest GripDry technology, providing a premium non-slip, moisture-wicking surface, making you feel locked in and secure with every lift.

The Sumo Strength Flat Bench offers unmatched stability, so whether you’re maxing out your bench press or hitting some heavy one arm rows, you’ll feel solid.

The added handle and back wheels make this bench is super easy to move around, making it perfect for use in commercial gyms, group training facilities and home gyms where space efficiency is key.

As with all our new benches, the commercial Flat bench boasts a sleek all-black design with laser-cut branding, adding a touch of class to your gym.

If you’re looking for a solid commercial bench, this one is for you.


Dimensions (overall) 1217*538*430mm
Loading Capacity 550kg
Pad Size 1160*310*60mm
Materials 3mm Carbon Steel