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Plates & Barbells

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We know that there is not always a one size fits all option, so we've created our package builder to let you completey customise your own set. Choose from our range of weight plates & bumpers, barbells, accessories and more.

Great value, Everyday.

Plate & Bar Bundles

We have created a selection of plate only and plate & bar sets to suit just about every training style, goal & budget.

These sets have been designed to represent great value, everyday.

Plate & Bar Bundles


At sumo we boast an array of barbells to suit every level, from the first timer to the experienced weightlifter.

Along with our Olympic barbells, we offer a range of specialty barbells., including curl barbell, trap barbell and safety bar.

Black Bumper Plates

Our Black Bumper plates are ideal for functional training and Olympic weightlifting. Made from a strong virgin rubber, these plates are designed to withstand serious punishment.

The compact structure of these plates reduces the bounce and allows for efficient absorption of force when dropped from overhead, making them perfect for CrossFit & weightlifting .

Bumper Plates

Made from recycled rubber, the SUMO Strength Hi-Temp bumper plates can withstand whatever you throw at them. These bumper plates are ideal for functional training and Olympic weightlifting. The structure of these plates allows for efficient absorption of force when dropped from overhead.

Hi-Temp plates have a slightly higher bounce than the virgin rubber, however these plates are still ideal for dropping.

Weight Plates

Our Quad grip weight plates are ideal for your everyday training, with a tough virgin rubber coating, these plates have been built with longevity in mind.

Quad Grip weight plates have four grip holes on each plate, making them easy and convenient to move. The quad grip design allow this style of weight plate to be used without a barbell, adding a huge variety of workout options to your arsenal.

Bumper Plates

Custom made with Olympic pantone colour coding, these premium plates have been designed and manufactured to Olympic specifications, with 50.4mm collar openings and a +/- 10g weight tolerance.

Whether you're looking to compete or just love your training, our calibrated comp bumpers will have you lifting like a pro.

Steel Calibrated
Weight Plates

Experience unrivalled accuracy and durability with Sumo Strength Steel Calibrated Weight Plates. Crafted from premium-grade steel, these plates are meticulously calibrated for precise weight measurement.

Fractional Plates

Fractional plates allow for small incremental loading, which gives you the ability to slowly add weight over time, allowing you to break through plateaus with small progression over time.