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All of our weight plates have been designed and manufactured with Olympic barbell specifications in mind, with all weight plates standardised to fit seamlessly around our own (or any other) Olympic sized barbells.

With a variety of plate styles available, we have weight plates suitable for every training type out there, from CrossFit & weightlifting to bodybuilding & powerlifting.

Learn more about our weight plates below.

Hi-Temp Bumper Plate Set in Rig Plate Storage

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Olympic bumper plates offer several key benefits, including exceptional durability and functionality. Made from dense rubber, they can withstand repeated drops without damaging the plates or the floor, making them ideal for heavy lifting and high-impact workouts. Designed to fit standard Olympic bars, they ensure compatibility and ease of use in various strength training routines. Additionally, their uniform diameter and rubber construction enhance safety by reducing the risk of injury and equipment damage when dropped. These plates are also highly versatile, suitable for a wide range of exercises, from Olympic lifts to CrossFit, enabling diverse and effective training sessions.

Black Bumper Plates

Our Black Bumper plates are ideal for functional training and Olympic weightlifting. Made from a strong virgin rubber, these plates are designed to withstand serious punishment.

The compact structure of these plates reduces the bounce and allows for efficient absorption of force when dropped from overhead, making them perfect for CrossFit & weightlifting .

HI-TEMP Bumper Plates

Made from recycled rubber, the SUMO Strength Hi-Temp bumper plates can withstand whatever you throw at them.

These bumper plates are ideal for functional training and Olympic weightlifting. The structure of these plates allows for efficient absorption of force when dropped from overhead.

Hi-Temp plates have a slightly higher bounce than the virgin rubber, however these plates are still ideal for dropping.

Competition Bumper Plates

Custom made with Olympic pantone colour coding, these premium plates have been designed and manufactured to Olympic specifications, with 50.4mm collar openings and a +/- 10g weight tolerance.

Our Competition plates are made from a strong virgin rubber, with a chrome steel plate insert designed to withstand serious punishment.

Whether you're looking to compete or just love your training, our calibrated comp bumpers will have you lifting like a pro. With a low bounce and smooth collar opening, these plates will make each lift as efficient as possible.

Steel & Rubber
Weight Plates

Quad Grip Weight Plates

Our Quad grip weight plates are ideal for your everyday training, with a tough virgin rubber coating, these plates have been built with longevity in mind.

Quad Grip weight plates have four grip holes on each plate, making them easy and convenient to move. The quad grip design allow this style of weight plate to be used without a barbell, adding a huge variety of workout options to your arsenal.


Experience unrivalled accuracy and durability with Sumo Strength Steel Calibrated Weight Plates. Crafted from premium-grade steel, these plates are meticulously calibrated for precise weight measurement.

Designed to withstand intense strength training, they provide a secure fit on Olympic barbells, ensuring stability and control with each rep to take your squat, dead and bench to the next level.

Our Top Weight Plate Exercises

Check out our top weight plate exercises below and follow along with the demo videos to learn more.

Weight Plate Russian Twist Exercise



A great exercise to build rotational strength, the weight plate Russian twist targets the entire core, with the abs and obliques working during the entire movement.

Sitting down on the floor, lean back to 45 degrees and raise your legs so your hips and knees are at 90 degrees. Start with the weight plate in front of your body, holding it just out from your torso. From there, use your core to twist to one side, moving the weight plate down to lightly touch the floor beside you. Control the weight plate back to the centre, and then to the other side. Repeat. Ensure you are bracing your core and moving throughout the entire movement with control.

*If you are a beginner, try it with no weight plate first. If you can do 15 or more quality reps, try adding a weight plate.

Weight Plate Front Raise Exercise



A staple exercise in most shoulder workouts, the weight plate front raise targets the anterior and middle deltoids (front and middle of your shoulder).

When performing the movement, ensure the shoulders and scapular are set down and back, and the core is braced. With one hand on either side of the weight plate, start by holding the plate at hip height, and then with control, raise your arms until the weight plate is at eye height. Lower with control and repeat.

*To increase the difficulty of the movement, move your hands closer to the top of the weight plate. This will isolate the anterior deltoid even more.

Weight Plate Push Up Exercise



One of the most basic upper body exercises out there, but one of the most effective, the humble push up builds strength in the chest, shoulders and core. Adding load to this typically bodyweight exercise really takes it up a notch, and allows for serious strength training with minimal equipment.

Start in a plank position, with your arms fully extended and your palms on the floor, just outside shoulder width. Place a weight plate on your upper back (you may need to ask for help). Keeping your entire body tight and in one straight line, lower yourself down until your chest touches the floor. Ensure you keep your elbows at a 45 degree angle (not flared out), so the load is not going through your shoulder joint. Keeping your body straight, press straight up until your arms are fully locked out and you are back in the starting position.

*If you are a beginner, perform the movement without the weight plate.

*bringing your hands in slightly and keeping your elbows in tight by your sides will change the target area to the triceps.

Weight Plate Ground to Overhead


A take on the Clean & Press, the weight plate ground to overhead is a great whole-body exercise that develops power, speed and coordination. Similar to a kettlebell swing, this movement can also be used for cardiovascular training when performed in larger sets.

To set up, pick up the weight plate with one hand on either side, and stand up. With your arms fully extended, squat down with your chest up, until the weight plate touches the floor in between your feet. Then, extend your legs (keeping your chest up) and pull the weight plate overhead in one smooth motion. Control the weight plate back down to the starting position and repeat. Ensure your core remains braced the entire time.

*If you are a beginner, try starting with a bicep curl to press. Start with one hand on either side of the weight plate. Then, with control, perform a bicep curl straight into an overhead press. As you start to build strength and feel more comfortable with that movement, move on to the weight plate ground to overhead.