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Dumbbell training

Unlike machines or even a barbell, dumbbells offer a greater range of motion and require a higher level of stability. Having the ability to move unilaterally (one side at a time) ensures both sides of the body can be trained equally, making them the perfect training tool to build a strong, well-balanced body.

Black Hex Dumbbells

Promotion description appears here. Featuring Black Chrome plated knurled handles, and shock absorbent virgin rubber heads, our dumbbells have been custom made and manufactured for Australian conditions.

Our Hex dumbbells are the most versatile dumbbells out there. The Hexagonal shape stops them from rolling around, letting them sit comfortably on the ground or on your body. Perfect for a home or commercial gym, these dumbbells can be used for your basic body building style training, or for more complex functional movements.

Commercial PU Dumbbells

Our PU dumbbells are perfect for a commercial gym setup. Made from durable Polyurethane with a premium finish, these dumbbells look great in any space and are made to last.

These dumbbells are ideal for body building style training, but can be used for just about anything.