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Australia's most affordable commercial quality Rack program


Designed as a complete modular system, you can select the right rack for your space and budget, then customise your rack with our growing range of attachments.

Built with heavy duty steel and a premium powder coated finish, the Panther Series racks will last a lifetime.

Whether your looking for your first rack, or decking out a commercial facility, the Panther series has you covered.

Learn more about our commercial quality racks below.


The Power Rack is the core of the Panther Series range. Made from heavy duty A3 steel, this power rack is as good as it gets.

Designed as a completely modular unit, you can completely customise your rack with our expanding range of rack attachments. Every single panther series attachment is compatible with the Power Rack, so you can add more and more to step up your game over time.

The Power Rack comes equipped with a multi-grip pull-up bar, adjustable pull-up bar, 6 x plate storage pegs and premium J-Hooks.

Perfect for home and commercial use, the Power Rack will stand the test of time.

Half Rack

The Half Rack allows you to perform just about every movement imaginable. With six storage pegs and inbuilt barbell & accessory storage, this efficient design allows for everything you need in one rack.

The Half Rack comes equipped with an adjustable pull-up bar, 6 x plate storage pegs and premium J-Hooks.

This all-in-one design would be the perfect addition to any home gym or commercial facility.

Cable Cell

The Cable Cell is the newest addition to the Panther Series and really steps it up a notch, providing everything you could ever need in one compact rack.

The Cable Cell features dual 75kg weight stacks (2:1 ratio), a multi-grip pull-up bar, regular pull-up bar, inbuilt storage and premium J-Hooks. With all of this, you can perform just about every movement imaginable, making this rack the ultimate setup for a commercial or home gym space.

Despite all of these features, the Cable Cell has the smallest footprint of any Sumo freestanding rack.

Squat Rack

Made from heavy duty steel, this freestanding squat stand is sturdy yet mobile, making it the perfect addition to a home or commercial gym.

The squat rack comes equipped with an adjustable pull up bar, ensuring you can get the perfect height for your body size and gym height.

The squat rack includes 2 x inbuilt storage pegs, so you can store plates away efficiently when not in use. This can also stabilise the rack further when performing gymnastic movements.

Squat Stand

Our basic squat rack is built from heavy duty steel, with a matte black powder coated finish. With adjustable j-hooks, this versatile squat rack is ideal for squats and bench press. Unlike most heavy-duty squat racks or power racks, this squat rack is light weight and moveable, ensuring it can be easily stored when not in use. This squat rack is ideal for the home gym or PT studio.

With a max height of 1990mm and no added pull-up bar, this rack is perfect for those wanting a basic squat rack or with limited ceiling height.

Fold Up Rack

The Panther Series Wall Mounted Fold Up Rack is the ultimate space saving rack. Featuring a unique gas strut mechanism, this rack is easily folded up against the wall and back down without the need to remove the pull up bar are the use of pins, ensuring you can use or store your rack away in a matter of seconds.

Ideal for a garage, the fold up design allows this rack to be quickly folded up and stored against the wall when not in use.

Featuring a squat rack and pull up bar, this compact rack will allow you to perform a variety of barbell and bodyweight exercises.

Fold Away Power Rack

Looking for a an epic rack but short on space? The fold away power rack has you covered. One of the first of its kind, this freestanding power rack can be easily folded  without the need to wall mount.

The fold away rack almost all of the same features as our regular power rack, with a multi-grip pull-up bar, adjustable pull-up bar, and premium J-Hooks. The back uprights can be used for additional storage with added storage pegs, making the rack even more stable.

As part of the same modular system, you can add a huge range of panther series attachments to this rack, including the cable system and lat pulldown seat.

Rack Attachments

We have developed a range of modular rack attachments designed specifically to fit with our range of squat racks & power racks.

From J-hooks & safety arms to cable attachments, our growing range of attachments will take your rack to the next level and expand the uses and functionality of your rack.

With many more attachments in development, you can continually add to your rack over time.


Although the panther series has been designed as a modular system, certain attachments are not combatable with certain racks.

Please be sure to check if the rack & attachments you are looking at are compatible with each other before purchasing.

If you have any questions around this please get in touch with our friendly customer service team!