Commercial Strength Machines

SUMO Strength offer a variety of Commercial Strength Equipment to suit any space and budget, from our smaller bodyweight strength machines to our larger pin and plate-loaded machines. For more information on the range of commercial equipment, check out our gym equipment product guide.

Commercial Strength Machines

SUMO Strength has a variety of high-quality commercial gym equipment, including bodyweight machines, free weight machines, pin-loaded machines, and plate-loaded machines, to train your entire body.

Bodyweight Machines

One of the best tools for developing strength though the entire posterior chain, the Back Extension allows you to train the glutes, hamstrings, and isolate the muscles of the lower back in a safe, controlled way. Like the back extension, our GHD (glute hamstring developer) allows you to train the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. By facing the other way, the GHD can also be used for sit-ups. Although typically used as a body weight training tool, the built-in pegs allow you to add resistance bands, ensuring you can progressively overload and add resistance as needed. Our Commercial quality Back Extension and GHD is fully adjustable, ensuring it can be used by all.

The Knees Up/Dip Bench is a multi-purpose bench that can be used for dips, knee/leg raises and other core exercises. The sturdy elbow and back pads allow for maximum stability, allowing you to isolate the abdominal muscles.

Free Weight Machines

The Bench press is used to target the chest, Shoulders, and triceps. The sturdy base and bench pad allow for maximum stability when lifting. The six plate storage pegs allow for efficient and tidy storage of weight plates when not in use. This Bench press is built with commercial quality, ensuring it would suit home gym or high-end facility.

The Preacher curl is used to isolate the biceps. The sturdy curl pad allows for maximum stability and bicep isolation when lifting. Our commercial quality preacher curl has two j-hook heights, and an adjustable seat, ensuring you can achieve an optimal lifting position no matter your size.

Our Commercial Squat Rack is ideal for a commercial gym setting. With heavy duty steal, this rack can handle some serious weight. With six in-built J-Hook height options, this rack is suitable for everyone. The six plate storage pegs allow for efficient and tidy storage of weight plates when not in use.

Pin-Loaded Machines

The SUMO Strength Leg Extension is an essential tool for isolating and building strength through the quadriceps. Our leg press provides 7 adjustable start positions, ensuring people of all sizes can use the machine safely and effectively. The SUMO Strength Leg Curl machine is used to isolate the hamstrings. The adjustable foot, hip and elbow pads allow for maximum stability and correct technique to be employed.

The Commercial Corner Trainer is a multi-purpose machine featuring two adjustable pin-loaded cables systems, and a multi-grip pull-up station, allowing you to perform a variety of resistance and bodyweight exercises.

Plate-Loaded Machines

The Leg Press is used to target the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. The wide base allows you to focus on isolating the legs, in a controlled range of motion, without the stability needed for barbell squats. The adjustable back pad allows you to adjust the angle of your back, ensuring optimal positions can be employed by people of all sizes. The Super Squat is used to target the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. The wide base and sturdy shoulder pads allow you to focus on isolating your legs, without the stability or mobility needed for barbell squats. With four inbuilt plate storage pegs, you can efficiently store weights when not in use. The super squat has two different height options. The Seated Calf is used to isolate the calves. The design of this machine allows you to adjust your foot position to target different areas of the calves.