Introducing the Cable Cell, the latest newest addition in our Panther Series Rack Range. This dynamic rack seamlessly combines the functionalities of a power rack and a functional trainer, offering a comprehensive solution in a space-saving design.

All-in-One Powerhouse:

The Cable Cell stands out as a powerhouse in a compact form, providing everything you could need in a rack & more. This innovative rack boasts premium features, including J-hooks, inbuilt plate storage, a multi-grip pull-up bar, regular pull-up bar, and dual 75kg pin-loaded weight stacks and modular uprights.

Stack Your Rack:

What sets the Cable Cell apart is its complete modularity, allowing you to tailor your rack to match your unique training preferences. Our ever-expanding range of modular attachments ensures that your workout evolves with you, providing a versatile platform for your fitness journey. 

Limitless Exercise Possibilities:

From traditional strength training to isolated hypertrophy exercises and functional movements.

Space Efficiency Unleashed:

Despite all its features, the Cable Cell boasts the smallest footprint among Sumo's freestanding racks. This compact design allows you to maximize your gym space without compromising on functionality, making it a perfect fit for any workout environment. The Cable Cell can be used on both the front and back, ensuring you can make the most of your space.

We've designed this rack to do it all, blending innovation, functionality, and space efficiency. Take your setup to the next level with this all-in-one rack - Whether you're setting up a home gym or decking out a commercial facility, the Cable Cell has you covered.


Sam Flavell