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Grip Strength Trainer - 90kg

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A poor grip can affect many areas of your fitness and hold back your potential.

You may have a strong body, but you need a strong grip to ensure you are performing at 100%.

If you feel you can go heavier on your deadlift or you want to do more pullups but it's your grip that goes before your muscles give in, then you may need to improve your crush grip strength.

One of the best ways to improve your grip strength is with our Sumo Strength Grip Strength Trainers.

Used daily, you will start to see results within only two weeks.
When your grip is strong, your lifts will improve and so will your numbers!

Currently Available in 2 strength levels:
45kg - beginners level
90kg - perfect for firming up your handshake and improving your grip

Knurled Aluminium
Sold as a single hand gripper