Dumbbells, Kettlebells & Balls

SUMO Strength Has a variety of dumbbells, kettlebells, and balls available to suit all training levels and modalities. Our dumbbell range includes Hex Head, Premium PU, and Adjustable dumbbells, with options ranging from 1kg to 50kg. Our Competition Kettlebells range from 8kg to 32kg and feature competition colours with matte black handles. Our dumbbell and Kettlebell ranges includes multiple set and rack options. Our range of Balls includes Slam Balls and Wall Balls. Slam balls have a harder exterior and are designed to be slammed whereas our wall balls (commonly referred to as medicine balls) are designed to be thrown. Balls range from 3kg up to 30kg.

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Dumbbells are one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment out there. A staple in just about every gym, dumbbells allow you to train every body part in a variety of ways. Unlike a machine or a barbell, dumbbells allow you to train each side of the body separately with a deeper range of motion, ensuring you can build a strong, well-balanced body. Dumbbells allow for different grips and angles to be implemented without the need for special equipment, allowing you to easily adjust positions to work different muscles and provide a new stimulus to the body.


Hex Head Dumbbells

The hexagonal shape of the rubber heads stops these dumbbells from rolling around on the floor, allowing for a stable base when performing ground-based movements such as renegade rows or deficit push-ups. The hex shape also provides a comfortable platform when resting on the body (e.g., shoulders) compared to round dumbbells. The curved, knurled chrome handle allows for a comfortable and strong grip.

Our Chrome Hex Dumbbells are low in price yet high in quality. These dumbbells are a great option for all your strength and fitness needs. With strong rubber heads and chrome-knurled handles, these dumbbells are perfect for your weight training and functional fitness workouts.

Our Black Hex dumbbells are ahead of the game! Featuring iron-oxidised black knurled handles, and shock absorbent virgin rubber heads, our dumbbells have been custom made and manufactured for Australian conditions. These Hex dumbbells are the most versatile dumbbells out there. Perfect for a home or commercial gym, these dumbbells can be used for your basic bodybuilding style training, or for more complex functional movements. The matte black finish, and etched branding give these dumbbells a premium look, ensuring they suit any space.

Commercial PU Dumbbells

Our Commercial PU Dumbbells are perfect for any home gym or high-end commercial facility. With straight, chrome knurled handles and round rubber heads, these dumbbells are perfect for your basic strength and weight training. The Polyurethane heads of these dumbbells are firmly attached to the chrome handles, ensuring stability and durability. With premium white numbers and SUMO branding, the different weight increments can be easily identified.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Our Adjustable dumbbells are the perfect addition to a gym with limited space. With an easy twist of the handle, you can change the dumbbell weight to suit whatever movement you are performing. With 20kg (6 in 1) and 32kg (9 in 1) options available, you can have a full dumbbell set in the size of one. Our adjustable dumbbells can be purchased as singles or pairs with or without a rack.


Kettlebells are one of the best strength and fitness tools out there. Versatile in their variety of uses, they can be used for anything from pure strength and power training to recovery and mobility training. Our Kettlebells can be used by all levels, from a first timer learning movement basics, to a professional athlete looking for that extra edge.

Competition Kettlebells

Our competition Kettlebells range from 8kg to 32kg, and can be used for strength training, HIIT, cardio and mobility. Competition kettlebells remain consistent in size as the weight increases, ensuring consistent technique and positions can be employed as you increase the weight. This feature is particularly important for beginners, as they can practice correct positions from light weights. Our competition kettlebells feature powder-coated handles, which aids with grip, especially when combined with chalk.

Slam Balls

Slam Balls can be used for a variety of training types, from conditioning to power development. Commonly used in High intensity interval training, the slam ball is designed to be lifted overhead and slammed explosively into the ground. The sand filled interior ensures the ball does not bounce and can absorb the impact when hitting the floor. Our Slam Balls are made from a heavy-duty rubber, with a tire tread outer layer and sand interior. Our Slam Balls range from 9 to 30kg.

Wall Balls

Wall Balls (commonly referred to as medicine balls) are a functional training tool that can be used in a variety of ways. As the name suggests, these balls are often thrown at a wall to build power through the legs, upper body, and core. SUMO strength Wall Balls range from 3 to 10kg, ensuing there is a weight to suit all levels.